Friday, July 4

Smooth Criminal | Zerxzastyle for Frontrowshop part 2

... since I last put on my leather jacket and turned from girly/feminine to all about rock. Well, once you put on a tartan dress, it simply goes down that road! Though it's a very versatile pattern - and so IN that it might literally become the new black - for me it always gives this grungy, edgy feel to a look. I don't mind! When I was a teenager, I had a strong love towards rock-culture and I pretty much listened to rock bands from waking up to the bedtime ... 
Oh good old times! Besides music, I literally dressed like younger version of Avril Lavigne (even the hair, guys, even the hair ...) so now, though a lot older, this kind of a style still takes me back to those times! 

When I saw this dress in Frontrowshop (you can get it HERE) I was in so much doubt actually, despite of the love towards tartan. The thing is, it's super stretchy and super short! You know, being a size 10 and having short legs don't help either .. but somehow after a little bit of wearing it I didn't even notice it anymore :) Of course in my case it's not really a dress for meetings or work but for some days off on the city, why not! 

What do you think about super short dresses/skirts? Are they in your league or something you try to avoid? :) What do you think - does a short skirt help to improve your confidence? Share your thoughts! 

BTW, definitely take a peek at Frontrowshop's new items and this dress over HERE!

Pictures by Rauno Põldme
Dress - Frontrowshop | Jacket - Newyorker | Boots - JC | Sunglasses - Choies


  1. super look!:) xx

  2. Fierce as always!! I think a leather jacket has to be in every girls closet!

    1. I think so too! In fact, I can't recall a period of my life where I wouldn't have had a leather jacket .. it's a must! :)

  3. Fabulous Dress!! You really rock that outfit babe!! Glad you brought this look back!! :) You look AMAZING and your legs look incredible!! :) Especially love the 2nd photo down!!
    Was it warm with that jacket on? Have a great weekend love!!

    1. Oh actually the jacket is super warm! But fortunately it's getting warmer now (finally summer!). Thank you so much, the dress is really all about showing legs :) Have a great weekend too! :)

  4. Wow, you look so incredible. I agree with Shawner about your legs. So sexy, especially in stockings. Keep it up!


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