Tuesday, June 10

Zerxza for Chicnova - a little punk never hurt nobody

Transition ... It's not everyday you see me transforming from business woman to a .. well a punkish teenager but thanks to Chicnova I had the chance! Since this kind of a style was very heart-warming for me back when I was younger, I had no trouble at all "living in the character"...
especially since we had Rauno's little brother with us when we were shooting and he's the lucky owner of the cap I'm wearing. Now wondering about the word "deaf" on it, made me wonder isn't it possible that from time to time we all can be a little deaf in some area - whether we don't listen a good advice, we block some ideas or we do the worst - we are deaf for ourselves, blocking everything our heart and soul says! Have you felt that?

Now off to a less philosophical beat - how cool are these striped leggings ! ( that you can get yourselves as well from HERE). I don't know what obsession it was but for a very long time I wanted a pair of striped pants/leggings so much! (khmm, maybe it was because the stripes should be thinning....khmm). I must say, it makes me very body-concious at the same time to wear leggings at all since legs aren't my best feature but at the same time it was kind a like a little challenge and after 10-15 minutes I didn't even remember that uncertain feeling I had when I left the house - I just felt more and more powerful :) In the end - who has the right to say what should be our thigh measure for leggings, anyways? pshh, nobody! 

So girls, I know out there ..there is some of you who are still a bit afraid wearing leggings like this, am I right? :) What I can say is - don't be! Because what matters is your happiness and I'd say rock that pair of leggings and own the streets! You are worth it! :) 

What's your relationship with leggings like? Hate/love? 

PS: Don't forget to check out Chicnova homepage because oh my how many beautiful items their are! I must say, it will be a tough decision to make buying something there because you'd like to take it all home! :)


Pictures by Rauno Põldme
Top & leggings - Chicnova (Check from HERE & HERE


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