Tuesday, June 24

30 Dresses in 3 Hours - Is it possible to find the perfect dress in 3 hours?

 Today I'm introducing you a brand new section in the blog - the Zerxza experiment! I've always known I want to produce original content that's 100% my own (not simply inspiration pictures that I've also posted earlier). Then it hit me what I wanted to see in the blog and here it is - little challenges where we try to prove some points! It will be super fun and something totally new in this blog! 

Therefore, if you have any idea or a "fashion myth" you'd like to read about then shoot - consider us as "Mythbusters in fashion" ;) 

As a kickstart we took a challenge that many would consider something totally crazy - finding a perfect dress in 3 hours (and for that - trying on more than 30 dresses in that time!). Imagine this ... 
You are working until 5PM and during the day you found out that the next morning you will have to attend an important conference. You remember that your only business dress is in the dry cleaner and you have absolutely nothing that suits the occasion. The shopping center is opened until 9PM but it takes you at least an hour to get from work to the center. And what you are thinking is that there is no possible way for you to find a dress! Especially if you are not a size 4 but a 10. 

So what to do? Is it impossible to find a dress that quickly?! 
We tried it out in our local shopping center Lõunakeskus - 7 stores and 30 dresses! Here we go! 

 We started off in Reserved where I found 3 dresses suitable for my taste. The first one was the best from the three- though it is very casual and summery, it was flattering and comfortable! The other two looked okay but didn't have that certain "something" that would urge me to buy. Therefore I wouldn't say it's the go-to place if you are in a hurry! But for casualty and fun - Reserved is definitely a great choice! 

 Next is a store that is quite new in Estonia (though it has rocked the world so long!) and I'd say I was more than surprised! It's not often we find a store that has such a beautiful, professional-looking, quality items that fit well and flatter you in any way! Since Next provides a wide range of formal clothing, I also chose a bit more conservative dresses and I must say I was so so pleased! Next definitely stole my heart and these dresses where more than perfect! That store is a definite 10!  

Next stop was a whole another beat - Lindex, with its casual, comfy style. I've always been fond of Lindex selection and I wasn't entirely disappointed this time either! I didn't end up with a dream dress but for a casual summer night I definittely found a little something - the a-line  striped dress looked super cute and was also very comfortable! Exactly a dress for the summer day :) Therefore I'd say Lindex proved it's style again! 

To continue the casual style, we went to Seppälä that is pretty much like a sister to Lindex. What surprised me was that every single dress I tried on, I loved! Unfortunately, they have very poor lighting in the store so the picture quality was more than awful and you can't see the true beauty of the dresses but nevertheless, Seppälä surprised me very positively. Even my stubborn curves were pleased in those dresses! :) 

Sixtina Boutique is a store that has always appealed to me with it's extravagance and feminine items. Everything that sparkles - it's there! At the same time I find a little controversy for me personally - it can go a bit over the top and just a bit trashy but it might just depend on the person wearing the items. For my surprise, I ended up finding gorgeous dresses and ... a true red sequined gown suitable for a ball! I guess it proves the never say never point - you might consider a place not suitable for your style but end up with a dress of your dreams! 

 Pretty Woman is a store that really reflects it's name - it makes everybody look gorgeous with it's items! And oh my, how huge is the selection of dresses! Since we were on the clock, we tried to grab the first dresses that truly caught the eye but I'm sure if I would have had any time to shop, I would have stayed there for an hour! There is something for every taste and every occasion - starting from proms, business meetings and ending with casual days on the town. What is even greater is the uniqueness of the dresses. That simply screams for perfection! 

Last but definitely not least is a shop called Oliver's store - a little Estonian clothes store that provides an amazing quality! Not only that, there are dresses you could never find in other stores - the tention to detailes, fabrics and cuts is mindblowing and that's what matters to me the most! Also, if you are not particularly a size 34, Oliver's store provides a size range up to 64! That is truly a place for a special-occasion dress that will not let you down! 

If I had to pick my favourite ones from all the dresses I tried on, my heart went to these 3: 
1. The neon peplum cut dress from Sixtina Boutique - the soft, stretchy fabric, vibrant color and amazing flattering cut made me seriously consider buying the dress and wearing it .. well to pretty much everywhere! That's how much it grew on me! 
2. The grey dress from Next - another amazing dress that had the perfect cut for my body - though very bodycon, it emphasized the exact right points and made me feel so good and confident! If I need a dress for a serious meeting, that's the one I will go to! 
3. Girly-girly rose dress from Pretty Woman - no matter how busy or formal my lifestyle can get, that inner girly girl always wants a dress. It looked so cute that it was truly hard to leave the dress to the store! 

All of those dresses where tried on in not more than 2,3 hours and I found dresses for such a variety of occasions that whatever is the need, you can succeed! 

Therefore, the experiment was: 
Have you ever had a situation where you've needed a very quick shopping-spree and have been going insane with not finding that right item? What do you think about little challenges like this? :) Let me know in the comments your thoughts about this! 


  1. See oli tore eksperiment! Teeme vahel uuesti (: !

  2. WOW!! So many beautiful dresses!! Hard to pick a favorite!! They all look sooooo good on you!! Loved the way they hugged your lovely figure!! Gorgeous babe!! :)

    1. Hehe it really turned out like that, therefore there's top 3! :) Thank you - I realized once again how I adore dresses :)

  3. Haha, this is a brilliant idea! 3 hours seem like a lot though :D Although my sister spends a good 5 hours in search for that perfect item :D I should send her this post :D

    1. Yeah it seemed like a long time but then I realized it's not that long actually 0.o I barely had the time to try these on! :D Who knew it cabn be that hard .. but hey definitely recommend her this post, I plan to do more of these soon! :)

  4. The third one from NEXT is my fav

    1. I also really loved it! it looked great live! :)


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